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Primary Care Sheffield offer a 24-hour ECG service from five GP practice sites available to NHS patients registered in Sheffield.


The service allows patients with a low risk of significant cardiac pathology who are suffering with palpitations/suspected clinically significant arrhythmia to access a convenient service in a community setting.
722 Prince Of Wales Road, Sheffield, S9 4EU
0114 2507206

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24-hour ECG (Holter Monitor ECG)

Your healthcare provider may request a Holter monitor ECG if you have symptoms, such as dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, ongoing fatigue (tiredness), and palpitations and a resting ECG doesn’t show a clear cause. You wear the same kind of ECG electrode patches on your chest, and the electrodes are connected by wires to a small, portable recording device.

Booking an appointment

There is no direct booking for this service. See your GP who will be able to refer you if they think it appropriate.


We provide 24hr ECG monitoring from five GP practice sites in Sheffield.

Service Quality

Our supportive and professional team provide the highest possible quality service in a friendly and relaxed environment

CQC score – not yet rated

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