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Our Community Gynaecology Clinic is working with local practices to provide treatment and advice to women aged 16 years and upwards.


The service provides enhanced gynaecology care that isn’t covered by routine treatment in GP practices.
Flowers Medical Centre, 87 Wincobank Ave, Sheffield, S5 6AZ
0114 3223100

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Thursday9:30am - 12:30pm
Our Services

We accept referrals for the following procedures:

Pipelle biopsy

This is the name of the procedure which takes a small sample of tissue from the lining of the womb (endometrium). This sample is then sent off to the laboratory to check if you have any cancer or other abnormal cells in the lining of your womb.

First Fit Ring Pessary

A pessary is a device placed into the vagina, to support the uterus and vaginal walls. It is a firm ring or a disc (sometimes could be another shape) that stretches the wall of the vagina and supports pelvic organs, (the bladder, lower bowel, womb and top of the vagina). A properly fitted pessary is not noticeable when it is in place.

Cervical Polyp Removal

A polyp is a piece of overgrown skin sticking out from the delicate skin which is found in certain areas of the body including the cervix. A cervical (cervix) polyp sticks out from the surface of the cervical canal. Small polyps can be removed very simply by being twisted off the cervix and do not require local anaesthetic. Generally, the removal of the polyp cannot be felt but, in some cases, abdominal pain (like period cramps) can be present. The pain should settle down quite quickly.

IUS Fit for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and HRT

Intrauterine system contraception devices are mostly used long – term method of birth control, but they have a few other uses too – including during the perimenopause and the menopause, which usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Firstly, it can help manage heavy periods, which are often a symptom of the menopause. It can also be used as part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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Your GP will need to refer you to our service.

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    Our Team

    The clinics are led by Dr Paul Davies, a GP at Firth Park and experienced gynaecologist. Additional clinics are offered when needed by Dr Prajnasri Dibble, an associate specialist with PCS’s community sexual & reproductive health service.

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