Primary and Community

Mental Health Service

The Sheffield Primary and Community Mental Health Service is a new way of delivering services for adults in the city with serious mental illness.

The programme is designed to transform mental health care by breaking down traditional barriers between different kinds of services. It also aims to provide support closer to people’s homes and at the earliest possible stage.

Primary and Community Mental Health Team, 5th Floor ,722 Prince of Wales Road, Darnall
0114 2264526

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Booking an appointment

Initially all referrals must come from GP’s, IAPT workers or allied health professionals at your local GP practice. Service users cannot directly book themselves appointments via reception or other means. The option to book directly into slots is currently being considered for the future.

Our aim is to maintain a wait of no longer than a month for an appointment, although waiting times are currently longer than this.

Appointments are offered either face to face, via the telephone or video link, please request your preferred method.

Who can access?

Patients are referred to the service by their GP. The general requirements are:

  • Those aged 18 and over
  • Has a mental illness which seriously impacts their daily life
  • Willing to make positive changes
  • Willing and ready to engage with community activity and/or local services
  • Able to engage in a goal-setting process, identifying their own barriers to involvement and recognising the appropriateness of the services they may wish to engage with
  • Able to use (or recognise) any coping mechanisms and grounding techniques which can support theirinvolvement in new groups/service

Who will need to find an Alternative Service?

  • Those under 18 years of age
  • Requiring a same day or urgent appointment
  • Chaotic/complex lifestyle factors which present clear barriers to achieving set goals
  • Already receiving mental health treatment from other NHS providers
  • Not a patient within the GP Practices (in Networks PCNs) we are currently working with.

Please note
We are not able to provide a diagnosis of disorder, we aim to treat symptoms of serious mental illness.


The PCMH Service is being rolled out to the whole of Sheffield. So far in its initial development the service and the multidisciplinary teams working with GPs are present in:

  • Foundry Primary Care Network (Burngreave, Page Hall, Firth Park, Wincobank)
  • Universities Primary Care Network
  • GPA1 Primary Care Network (Manor Castle, Norfolk Park & Arbourthorne)
  • Townships II Primary Care Network (Woodhouse, Richmond & Charnock)
  • SAPA5 Primary Care Network (Parson Cross, Barnsley Road, Herries Road & Shiregreen)
  • Heeley Plus Primary Care Network (Heeley, Gleadless, Sharrow, Totley Rise & Meersbrook)

Other networks have access to mental health practitioners with days allocated to individual practices, please speak you your practice for further details on availability.

Service Quality

Our supportive and professional team provide the highest possible quality service in a friendly and relaxed environment

CQC score – not yet rated


Tell us about your experience

    How to make a complaint

    1. Speak to your clinician
    2. Send a email to
    3. Phone our administration team 0114 2264526 speak to our team or leave a message.
    4. Send a letter Complaints team, Primary and Community Mental health team, Level 5,722 Prince of Wales Road Darnall
    5. If you need support to make your complaint please contact NHS complaints advocacy service 0800 035 0396 or email  find out more here

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