Why the Extended Access Service Matters!

We all talk about offering better access to NHS services. After all the ‘truly 7-day NHS’ was a key policy in the government’s manifesto. But who benefits? And how can it be delivered?! Well – we certainly don’t hold all the answers, but this story from our extended access service gives us hope that schemes such as this one truly make a difference:

Patient Feedback:
After falling ill over the weekend the Sheffield patient was able to book an urgent GP appointment at one of the four Sheffield Satellite Units, meaning she could be seen in the community on a Sunday. The GP covering the Sunday shift treated the patient but continued to be concerned about her welfare and therefore decided to call around to see her at her home after finishing his shift to ensure that her condition had not worsened. Throughout the day the patient’s condition had deteriorated further and the GP recommended and arranged for admission to hospital.

Grateful for the care provided the patient’s husband said

‘I would like to say thank you to the GP we saw who may have saved my wife from a serious illness, … without his help we could have been in a much worse position and I would like to thank him for going above and beyond. He made a real difference.’

The patient subsequently recovered well in hospital.

This is one of many examples were access to care on a Sunday removed the barriers to be seen urgently and quickly, getting the care needed.