CASES update

Since it’s launch the CASES programme has really picked up, and we hope you will agree that this is a service that will continue to benefit practices and patients. We are currently providing peer review for the following specialities: Gynaecology, Dermatology, Urology, Gastroenterology, ENT and Respiratory. With more than 6000 referrals to date, we have been able to return 1300 to the GP with suggestions for management in primary care. For more information about the CASES scheme please click here.

Now let us be very clear, the aim of CASES is not to slow down or stop referrals, but rather speed up treatment for the patient by ensuring that referrals are made correctly and provide as much of the required information as possible. Referrals are peer-reviewed by colleagues with a special interest / qualification in the speciality, which allows the team to not only advice on the referral reviewed, but also to provide access to educational materials in relation to the complaint. To find out more about our review team please click here.

The educational aspect of CASES continues to grow as well:

  • The CASES database can provide a range of information at practice/GP level, by speciality, which can be used for appraisals and your own professional development, please let us know if you would like the details of your own referrals!
  • Our new programme of videos will also be available shortly – so watch this space!
  • To further the educational element a range of webinars are in the planning stages and will be advertised shortly.

The next stage of CASES is to analyse the database in order to identify business cases for care/treatment which can be provided in practice or community settings. We are working with the CCG on a long list of potential new primary care provision and we would really welcome your thoughts in this regard.

  1. Are there referrals which you are making which you feel could be better provided out of hospital?
  2. Are there patients attending follow-ups which you feel could be provided out of hospital?

Please let us know on using CASES feedback as subject.