Working Win update

New service has already provided job support to over 1000 Sheffield residents with physical and mental health conditions.

An innovative new service in Sheffield giving people with health conditions access to employment support through their local GP has been described as a “game changer”.

The partnership between Primary Care Sheffield and WorkingWin  was launched in December and allows GPs in Sheffield to refer patients with mild or moderate mental health or physical health conditions into a support programme offering help with finding, or staying in, work.

Over 1000 people in Sheffield have used the service so far, getting access to a range of support including one-to-one help from an employment specialist, access to a qualified team of health and wellbeing coaches, as well as the ability to get expert legal and debt advice. Nearly 400 of the people who have used the service identify as being from Black, Asian or other ethnic minority groups.

Dr Andy Hilton, Sheffield GP and Chief Executive of Primary Care Sheffield said, “Our hard-working GPs in Sheffield play an important role in their local communities. One of the biggest frustrations of the job is that we’re often powerless to break the vicious-cycle of poor mental and physical health and poverty. I think services like this, which can be accessed through the NHS, are going to become a really important way that we can start to break that cycle.”   

Niall O’Reilly, Head of Work & Wellbeing at WorkingWin, said “Providing this support through GPs in Sheffield has been a game-changer. Sheffield is performing very strongly and we’d like to replicate this approach elsewhere.”

People can get access to the service by speaking to their GP, or at or on 0114 2900 218, Mon – Fri during office hours.

WorkingWin is Funded by the Government’s Work and Health Unit, and delivered in partnership with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and local NHS partners, Working Win provides holistic employment support for people across South Yorkshire.

Primary Care Sheffield is a not-for-profit company set up and developed by general practice in Sheffield to provide support in delivering world class primary care which helps people live healthier and happier lives.