Service Spotlight: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people to live their best lives, though empowering individuals to live fulfilling, meaningful lives by overcoming challenges, with the focus of wellbeing and their ability to participate in activities.

The Team:

We have three OTs in the team, Jodie Hall (Lead OT and Lead of Physical Health Pathway), Sarah White (Senior OT) and Beth Sidaway (Mental Health Practioner Role). Health Coaches; Ambah Thompson, Lydia Byrd, Joanne Bratby and Sylvia.

The Service:

The OTs within the Primary and Community Mental Health service offer a trauma informed, holistic, service which includes consultation, assessment, and intervention for individuals within the city that have severe mental illness or complex mental health needs. The therapists within the team work with individuals on a 1:1 and group basis, covering a wide range of aspects that my impact on an individuals life.

Occupational Therapy sees beyond diagnosis and limitations, to hopes and aspirations. Focusing on an individuals’ strengths and abilities, and formulate collaboratively, client led practical, realistic and personal goals to the individual to elevate everyday life.

Within the PCMH service (6 PCNs currently) the OT service works as part of the wider MDT, integrates within the Primary Care Network and establishes relationships and pathways with the VCSEs.

Occupational Therapy is also leading an innovative service across the city to support those with severe mental illness to engage with their physical health. As those with severe mental illness often die up to 25 years younger than those without, and often spend over 1/3 of their lives in poorer health. The service integrates within the GP practices and provides an assertive outreach service to those potentially most at risk within primary care of poor health. The OT and health coaching team aim to raise awareness of and reduce health inequalities of those with severe mental illness, though physical health screening and meaningful intervention. This year so far over 700 individuals in the city have received a meaningful full annual physical health check by the team