Our PCS|Practice teams received some amazing feedback in this month’s patient surveys

Each of our services ask patients to complete the “Friends and Family Test” ┬áto provide an opportunity to give feedback on their experience.

The feedback is vital in helping us to improve our services and make sure we are meeting the needs of patients and service users.

This feedback from our PCS|Practices over the last month has been extremely positive providing many examples of where our team have been providing an excellent service for their patients.

Quotes from PCS|Practices Friends and Family surveys this month

“Very pleased with the service!”

“The appointment went really well.”

“I really like the GP I saw today who is personal, warm and compassionate.”

“I felt really listened to.”

“The response to my concerns was considerate and appropriate.”

“I feel very supported.”

“The doctor was attentive, caring and supportive.”

“I did not feel rushed at all despite the last-minute appointment.”

“Prescription was sent to chemist and was ready and waiting immediately after my appointment.”

“Reception/telephone staff friendly and efficient…very good all round service.”

“Efficient, focused friendly and even arranged a follow up appointment whilst I was there.”

“Great follow through and very diligent in looking at all options to sort out my problem.”

“Very friendly staff.”

“The doctor has gone above and beyond in her support.”

“I left the surgery feeling heard and reassured.”

“The receptionist was nice & friendly.”

“The doctor listened to my ideas and we had a proper two-way discussion about my symptoms.”

“General thank you to all reception team.”

“Absolutely brilliant phenomenal doctor!”

“All the receptionist are brilliant.”

“General thank you to all reception team.”

“The level of care is excellent.”

“The reception staff are helpful and efficient.”