Announcing the new Primary Training Solutions Apprenticeships Academy

Launching new management and compliance apprenticeship courses in the health and care sector

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Primary Training Solutions ‘Apprenticeships Academy’, offering high quality apprenticeship programmes for people working in health and care organisations.   

The ’Apprenticeship Academy’ is a collaboration between the Primary Care Sheffield owned training company Primary Training Solutions and Clear Quality Ltd.

The PTS Training Academy will begin by offering apprenticeships in ‘Management’ and ‘Compliance’ with the first cohort going live in June.

The Management apprenticeships have the NHS Leadership Academy Edward Jenner qualification embedded in them and has two levels available:

  • Teamleading/supervisor – Level 3
  • Department and/or Operations Manager – Level 5

The Compliance apprenticeships are tailored to focus on CQC for practices, meaning that they are able to add value and impact back into the practice as the learner progresses their course. Three options are available:

  • Quality Practitioner (QP) – Level 4
  • Internal Audit Practitioner (IAP) – Level 4
  • Data Protection and Information Governance – (DG&IP) – Level 4

Costs start at £0 where employers have access to the Apprenticeships Levy up to a maximum of £350 per person for the 12 month programme.

To find out more including how to enrol download the brochure below.

The PTS Apprenticeships Academy will also be offering taster sessions during May so people can drop in to find out more about the apprenticeships

  • 9th May 10am – Quality Practitioner
  • 9th May 1pm – Internal Audit Practitioner
  • 10th May 10am – Management
  • 10th May 1pm – Team Leading
  • 11th May 10am – Data Protection

You can book a place on the taster sessions by contacting

Nicki Doherty, Deputy Chief Executive of Primary Care Sheffield, said, “As the training gaps within the health and care sectir continue to grow, we are excited to have developed a strong training offer through our Apprenticeships Academy. Courses are tailored for primary care professional working in General Practice. And this is just the beginning we aim to work across the health and care sector to tailor our apprenticeships so that apprentices are able to apply their learning with real value in their workplace.

“Together with our partners, Clear Quality, we hope to encourage and inspire the personal and professional development of people working in health and social care and show those aspiring to have a career in this industry that there are routes and options to develop their knowledge and skills”.