5 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Develop Your Skills With Our New ‘Apprenticeships Academy’

Earlier this month we launched the new ‘Apprenticeships Academy’, offering high quality apprenticeship programmes for people working in GP practices.

Our training company Primary|Training and Clear Quality are delivering two programmes for people working in primary care as part of the new ‘Apprenticeships Academy’:

  • Compliance Programme including the Quality Practitioner Level 4, Internal Audit Practitioner Level 4 and Data Protection & Information Governance Level 4 Apprenticeships.
  • Management Programme including the Team Leading Level 3 & Management Level 5 Apprenticeships.

So why choose the Apprenticeships Academy? 

  1. We have an absolute commitment to impactful training and this being a meaningful learning journey for you and your employees.
  2. All of our courses are tailored to primary care and relevant to you and your job roles – there is no other comparable course available on the market tailored to you and the requirements of CQC.
  3. The courses are delivered by a health care professional with over 25 year’s experience in the industry using a blended delivery model including both face to face and online lectures allowing for networking across the primary care sector to share best practices and improve standards.
  4. The Edward Jenner and Mary Seacole NHS Academy courses have been built into the management programme as a mandatory qualification and for the compliance programmes we will be supporting apprentices to embed their learning through mock CQC inspection on completion of the training.
  5. Training will most likely be free-of-charge through the Apprenticeships Levy or other funding opportunities.

If you would like further information, want to find out more about the funding options available to you, or want to apply for one of the courses please contact training@clearquality.co.uk