Patient Praises GP Hub Staff For Saving His Life After Wasp Sting

(left to right) Kiera Luke, Dr Stephanie Faulding, Michael Elsom, Dr Emily Alstead

Michael Elsom, 27, from Meersbrook was working a late evening shift at the Lidl store on Little London Road, Sheffield, when he was stung by a wasp. He later became unwell whilst on his break, suffering symptoms of anaphylaxis. He decided to visit the Primary Care Sheffield (PCS) GP Hub next door, which operates as one of six out of hours’ Hubs at GP practices across the city, providing access to GP, nurse, physiotherapist and healthcare assistant appointments on weekday evenings 6pm-10pm and weekends 10am-6pm.

Mr Elsom’s symptoms quickly escalated and he collapsed in the surgery’s reception area. Luckily, the GP Hub receptionists acted quickly, bringing a GP and a specialist anaphylaxis medical kit to treat Mr Elsom and calling for an ambulance.

Dr Andy Hilton, GP and chief executive officer of Primary Care Sheffield who run the GP Hub service, said: “I am pleased to hear that Mr Elsom is now feeling better.

“During the summer months GPs often see a higher number of patients who have suffered wasp stings. Usually these can be easily treated with over the counter medication and advice from your local pharmacy and symptoms improve in a few hours to a few days. Some people can however, suffer a more serious allergic reaction with symptoms including breathing difficulties, dizziness and a swollen face or mouth. If you experience these symptoms following a wasp sting then you should seek urgent medical attention and call 999 as soon as possible.”

Mr Elsom, said: “I can’t thank the staff working at the GP Hub enough. I’m certain they saved my life by acting so quickly.

“I hadn’t realised the situation was so serious at the time, and so went to see whether the GP practice was open that evening to get some advice. I’m very grateful for the help of all the staff at the GP Hub, it was the day before my birthday it all happened and thankfully I was able to enjoy it!”

Dr Emily Alstead, the GP who treated Mr Elsom at the PCS GP Hub, said: “It was obviously a very stressful situation but the reception staff were amazing, they brought me the anaphylaxis kit promptly and stayed calm and professional throughout. I also want to say a huge thank you to the GP working within the practice that evening who came out to help when she heard the call for an ambulance being made. She was a great help.”

More information and NHS advice on treating insect bites and stings is available at: