Update webinar on the GLP-1RA shortage

The South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce and Training are hosting an update webinar this Wednesday for all those involved with the management of Type 2 diabetes to provide an opportunity to ask local experts about the ongoing shortage of GLP-1RA.

A medicine supply notification (MSN) has been issued for GLP-1 RAs used in the management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.  This national shortage is expected to last until mid-2024, which causes a significant challenge across the system, this webinar is an opportunity to ask questions in response to the department of health guideline in how to tackle the situation moving forward.

Facilitators are

  • Charlotte McMurray (Interim Chief Pharmacist, Doncaster Place)
  • Dr Jackie Elliott (Consultant Endocrinologist, STH)
  • Leander Parkinson ( Diabetes Specialist Nurse lLad, RDaSH)

The webinar will take place next Wednesday Lunchtime 12:30-13:00 and will be recorded for those who can’t make it. I will ensure that everyone who registers is added to the SharePoint page which will allow access to the recording.

Please share widely with your colleagues who are involved in managing T2DM across South Yorkshire