The Primary Care Sheffield “New Eyes” event. 

We know that joining a new organisation can be daunting. We want all our new team members to feel welcomed and to make sure they get everything they need as part of their induction.

The “New Eyes” event is for all new starters (normally in the past six months), to: 

  1. Provide feedback on their induction and early time in their new role. 
  1. To meet other recent starters across PCS / PCMH, to widen the circle of contacts they have in the organisation, and find out more about what colleagues do. 

From the feedback given, we will work to constantly improve the induction process, and early time in new roles. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.  You will be welcome to continue chatting to colleagues after the main part of the event is completed. 

Meeting details

If we have recently emailed you to invite you to attend a New Eyes event, we would very much appreciate it if you could attend.  If you feel you are struggling to attend, please speak to your line manager to see if they can help you to free up the time. 

Please using the form below for one of the two forthcoming New Eyes events.

Event 1

Date: Weds 15th Nov – 3:00 pm to 4:00pm 

Location: 1st floor meeting room – (Darnall Primary Care Centre, 290 Main Rd, S9 4QH).

Event 2

Date: Mon 27th Nov – 5:30 pm to 6:30pm 

Location: Mind Garden Room – (110 Sharrow lane, S11 8AL). 

Sign Up

    Further detail for the event will be sent to you a few days before hand. 

    Any questions, please email