Review of PCS Board Structures

Primary Care Sheffield is initiating a review of its board structures to identify any opportunities to strengthen practice and stakeholder representation, improve diversity, and deliver more effective scrutiny and governance of the work of the organisation.

Our structures and processes are designed to make sure that that we are focussed on the needs of our shareholders. The make-up of the board, and the inclusion of practice representatives, is an important part of this. This review is designed to ensure that continues as effectively as possible and that our governance arrangements remain relevant and appropriate for a medium sized company, whilst continuing to allow shareholders to have input and collective control at all levels of the organisation

The review will be undertaken by a ‘task and finish group’ led by our Chair, Colin Beresford and with membership drawn from our current Non-Executive Directors (NEDS) including locality representatives. We expect the review to be concluded by early 2024.

We will pause the appointment of new locality representatives and NEDS until the review has been completed. Interim arrangements will be put in place to ensure that all localities remain represented at PCS board meetings during this transition period.