Friends and Family surveys show patient satisfaction in PCS ‘wraparound services’ remains high.

The survey data from last quarter’s “friends and family” questionnaires (covering October, November and December 2023) shows that patient satisfaction remains very high in our 24hr ECG, vasectomy, out-of-hours ‘enhanced access’ appointments, and sexual health services.

In each of these services over 94% of users rated their overall experience as either “good” or “very good” and over 96% say there were treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Primary Care Sheffield uses standardised “Friends and Family” questionnaires to monitor patient satisfaction and to collect feedback that we can use to keep improving the quality of services we provide to people in Sheffield.

These results are from October, November and December 2023 and were completed by patients who used on of our portfolio of ‘wrap-around’ services which are designed to increase the range of primary care support available to patients.