Current Studies in Sheffield

We maintain a list of research studies available for GP practices in Sheffield.

The list is largely, but not exclusively, drawn from the NIHR CRN Y&H portfolio of studies.  The list is continually updated so please keep checking and contact the individual study team or the CRN Study Support Team if you have any queries.

The governance status of each study is colour coded in the ‘status’ column:  red = assurance not yet issued.  amber = assurance review in progress, green = assurance issued, grey = assurance not required.


Name Summary Status Last updated PDF files/downloads
CANAssess An RCT of a cancer patients’ needs assessment in primary care Recruiting practices  01.12.20 CANAssess Poster PDF

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Practices info

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CANAssess EOI_v2.0

CANAssess RISP Model 2

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Newsletter Jan 22

CANAssess Research Portal All the latest updates regarding CANAssess Open 17.12.20 Website link
FRONTIER Clinical and cost-effectiveness evaluation of first contact physios Open 19.10.20 Summary PDF

Infographic PDF
Principle Trial The Principle Trial is evaluating potential treatments for COVID-19 in people aged over 50. Open 05.11.20 Web link
ATTACK The ATTACK trial will assess the effectiveness of low dose aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adult patients with chronic kidney disease(CKD). Open 05.11.20 Web link
Virus Watch Understanding community incidence, symptom profiles, and transmission of COVID-19 in relation to population movement and behaviour. Open


20.01.21 Website link
Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research A useful online course for clinical colleagues or volunteers with an interest in research. The course covers the history, theory and practice of clinical research. Open to enrolment 22.01.21 Website link
Active Brains Study The primary aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a digital intervention (Active Brains) to help support older adults (60-85 years) with and without cognitive impairment in making healthy changes (physical activity, brain training, diet) to maintain cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline. Open 17.02.21 Active Brains Study Summary Sheet

Primary Care EOI template

Study Protocol

PIS online version
REDUCE WS5 (Reviewing Long Term Antidepressant Use By Careful Monitoring In Everyday Practice Work Stream 5) The NHS funded six-year REDUCE research programme aims to identify feasible, safe, effective, and cost-effective ways of helping patients taking long-term antidepressants taper off and stop treatment, when appropriate. This Work Stream 5 (WS5) of the REDUCE programme aims to determine the effectiveness of online (Internet) interventions which support practitioners and guide patients on coming off antidepressants, together with psychological practitioner telephone calls to support the patients. Open 25.08.21 Practices Info
Hypometrics Study The Diabetes Research Team at STH are looking for GP practices to identify and approach people with Type 2 Diabetes on >1 insulin injections/day for inclusion into the Sheffield arm of the HypoMetrics Study. HypoMetrics will evaluate the impact of symptomatic as well as asymptomatic episodes of low sensor glucose on a variety of clinical, patient related and health economic outcomes such as mood, quality of sleep and productivity. In set up 27.08.21  
PANORAMIC A trial of oral antiviral treatment for COVID-19 in non-hospitalised patients Open 14.01.22 Web link
GPs’ perspectives of online symptom checkers The study team are looking to interview GPs who are working (or previously worked) in surgeries that are making use of online symptom checkers. The aim of the study is to explore GPs’ perspectives of the impacts of online symptom checkers such as DoctorLink in General Practice, and how this may affect the doctor-patient relationship, particularly with older patients. Open 12.01.22 GPs participant info sheet and consent form
Understanding the implementation of link workers in primary care: A realist evaluation to inform current and future policy. An National Institute for Health Research study to Open 27.01.22 Poster to inform health professionals and VCS
GP working environment, roles and well-being Researchers at the University of Sheffield are conducting a survey study looking at factors which may influence symptoms of burnout. Open 31.01.22 Participant Info Sheet

Study PDF

IDENTI-Pall Patient views and experiences of the identification of their palliative care needs (IDENTI-Pall) Open 14.02.22 GP Info Sheet

Participant Info Sheet (Patients)

Participant Info Sheet (Relative Carer)

ALABAMA  (ALlergy AntiBiotics And Microbial resistAnce) ALABAMA is a randomised controlled trial to evaluate whether the Penicillin allergy assessment pathway (PAAP) intervention is clinically effective in improving patient health outcomes.  GP practice involvement is mainly related to patient identification i.e. electronic searches and application of inclusion/exclusion criteria. Based on an estimated recruitment of 21 per practice payment will be in the region of £2000. In set up 07.03.22 Invitation PDF
E.mbrace Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled, Multicenter Phase 3 Study to Assess the Efficacy, Safety And Immunogenicity of Vaccination With ExPEC9V in the Prevention of Invasive Extraintestinal Pathogenic Escherichia coli Disease in Adults Aged 60 Years And Older with a History of Urinary Tract Infection in the Past 2 Years. Open 02.08.22 Amending an approval
Study Assurance Letter
PARTICIPANTS REQUIRED: Your Views on Digital Health Promotion in Youth Mental Health” We are looking for young adults (e.g. aged 16 – 30) who are currently receiving treatment / care for a mental health condition to help with a new study.
The study is been conducted as a survey to get young people’s views on the possible uses of smartphones and health apps for helping to improve physical health.
Participants will be asked to complete a 10-15 minute survey, sharing their opinions and ideas around potential uses of technology for this purpose.
We hope to use this valuable input from participants in future, to help explore new ways of improving physical health in youth mental healthcare.
Open 02.08.22 Survey link here
Leaflet here
Commercial Study – RSV This project is looking for healthy term and preterm infants during the first year of life entering their first RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) season. The project involves a single intramuscular dose of nirsevimab in the prevention of hospitalisations due to RSV infections in healthy infants. The study vaccine can be co-administered along with mandatory paediatric vaccines planned in the standard of care vaccination schedule.
This project is delivered in collaboration between Sanofi & NIHR.
Currently, we have 5 secondary care NHS sites within the Yorkshire & Humber region ready (or almost ready) to offer participation in this project to their patients.
Open 11.10.22 Read more here
Supervised Pulmonary Hypertension
Exercise Rehabilitation (SPHERe) Trial
We want to find out if exercise rehabilitation can be done at home with online (remote) supervision from trained exercise specialists. We have developed a new exercise programme, with motivational support, to encourage people to exercise for eight weeks. We now want to find out if this programme is better than usual NHS care for people with pulmonary hypertension. Open 11.10.22 Visit website here
See poster here