Consultation on proposed new, improved, site for PCS|City and PCS|Mulberry practices

Our PCS|City and PCS|Mulberry practices would like to move to a new site at the former Royal Bank of Scotland building on Church Street to improve the care they can offer to patients and as part of wider plans to improve general practice in the Sheffield. The practices have started a consultation with their patients to find out their views and to make sure that patients are fully involved in decision making.

The new building would be renovated and remodelled to better meet the needs of the practices. The proposed location is within 300 metres of the current practice sites and benefits from bus and tram stops directly outside the building offering good access by public transport as shown on the map below.

The relocation of these practices to create a new health centre is part of a bigger plan to build new health centres in some of the areas of Sheffield which need them most, bringing together GP and other services all under one roof. New health centres would help us to do more for patients on one site.

If the proposals were to go ahead, all patients would continue to be registered with their current GP practice.

Before we make any decisions, we want to know what patients at PCS|City and PCS|Mulberry think about this idea and will be fully involving them in the decision making process. The consultation will run from 31 July to 29 October 2023. If you are a patient at either practice and want to know more about the consultation process then please visit your practice website or speak to the reception team.