CASES – external evaluation shows every referral that uses CASES saves the NHS money

CASES (Clinical Assessment, Support and Education Service) has been externally evaluated by ResPEO, who undertake evaluations NHS England and Universities across the country.

CASES is an elective care re-design programme that aims to reduce the pressure on elective services and makes sure that patients in Sheffield receive their care in the most appropriate setting, from the most appropriate clinician.

The evaluation showed:

  • Every referral passed through CASES, saves the NHS money on a cost of CASES review versus outpatient appointments saved basis.
  • There are additional savings realised, based on less quantifiable areas, such as earlier cancer detection, patients attending with full work ups etc.
  • The service has upskilled GPs and improved relations and understanding between primary and secondary care particularly in relation to pathway development and changes
  • That the training needs to be more accessible.
  • That we need to use the data to influence a left shift of services into the community.
  • That low referrers should be encouraged to make wider usage of CASES

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