CASES (Clinical Assessment, Support and Education Service) is an elective care re-design programme that aims to reduce the pressure on elective services and makes sure that patients in Sheffield receive their care in the most appropriate setting, from the most appropriate clinician.

Primary Care Sheffield, Fifth Floor, 722 Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield, S9 4EU


How we work

Referrals (except for urgent cases) are made by the patient’s practice via the NHS e-Referral Service(eRS), to the CASES team at PCS. Referrals are then peer reviewed by a GP who has receivedmentoring and support from specialist consultants from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals FoundationTrust.The referral is then either forwarded to the hospital, or advice is returned to the GP to considermanaging the patient by other means. This process takes no more than three days, in order tominimise delay.If the referral is forwarded to the hospital, the patient will then receive information for theirappointment.

Resources for GPs