Providing high-quality general practice and wrap-around services for the people of Sheffield.


We run GP practices and provide a portfolio of ‘wrap-around’ services designed to increase the range of primary care support available to patients.

Adding Primary Care Capacity

We run seven practices in the City – Darnall, North Darnall, Highgate, Mulberry, City, Buchanan Road, and Heeley Green – which delivered care to 30,000 patients, approximately 5% of Sheffield’s total population. The practices are in some of the most deprived areas of the city with four of them located in wards which rank in the most deprived decile nationally.

Our Practices

Our Wrap-Around Services

Vasectomy Service

The vasectomy service offers a complete non-scalpel procedure

24-Hour ECG Service

We currently provide 24-hour ECGs at six sites across the city.

Sexual Health and Community Gynaecology

We run Community Contraception clinics to deliver long-acting reversible and emergency contraception.

Working Win

Giving people with long-term physical and mental health conditions access to employment support through their local GP.

All Wrap-Around Services